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Registering a remote source

GeoHub also offers you to register a remote file source into GeoHub database.

Remote file registration menu

To register a remote file, click a menu Register remote file on the dropdown menu of DATA UPLOAD button.

Register remote file menu under upload button
Figure 1: Register remote file menu under upload button

Paste remote file URL

Copy and paste a remote file URL to the textbox on the dialog, then click REGISTER button.

Register remote file dialog
Figure 2: Register remote file dialog

Supporting formats for remote files

Currently, GeoHub supports:

  • Cloud Optimized GeoTiff (COG): Raster dataset
  • PMTiles: Vector Tiles dataset


A remote URL must be a public data source.

Furthermore, PMTiles must be pbf format and includes vector_layers and tilestats properties in metadata since GeoHub requires statistics to generate GUI. Raster format in PMTiles is not supported.

Metadata registration

After clicking REGISTER button, you will be redirected to data registration page as described in the last section of Uploading your own data.

Next step

In next section, you are going to publish the first dataset in GeoHub.