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Searching maps


Your saved maps and other users' maps are found under the Explore maps which is accesible via the MAPS menu in the header. It will guide the user to all the maps saved by the user and it will also display the level of accessibility to these saved maps. Based on accessibility, it is also possible to edit the saved maps.


Explore maps in Card view
Figure 1: Explore maps in Card view

The core functionalities of exploring maps are as follows (each number is correspond to a number on the figure):


1.NEW MAP button: Open map editor page for making a new map

2.Search maps by keywords. Maps matched to title are shown in the list.

3.Filter by access level: You can filter maps by access level.

4.Filter by favourite: If filter is enabled, only show your favourite maps.


5.Sort maps: You can sort by Most recent, Less recent, Most favourite, A to Z or Z to A.

6.The number of maps per page: You can select the maximum number of maps per page from the list.

7.View type: You can select it from either Card or List. Card is default.

8.Search result of maps



As default, maps are shown in card view, but if you want to explore maps quickly without a preview image, switching to a list view might be useful. The list view can looks like the below screenshot. It provides all metadata information (title, access level, created and updated users/datetime) in a table.

Explore maps in List view
Figure 2: Explore maps in List view

Adding a map to your favourite

When you find an interesting map, you can also add it to your favourite for future easy access.

Adding favroute can be done at INFO tab of a map portal (see here) or by clicking Star button on the table in list view (see the below screenshot).

Favourite button in List view
Figure 3: Favourite button in List view

Next step

In the next section, we are going to explore how you can export a map as an image format for your works.